February 24, 2017

Downtime with the Sydney Collage Society - The Sydney Collage Society is a creative pool of artists in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2015, by Kubi Vasak and Leah Early, the SCS is here to push the boundaries of cut-and-paste with a focus on celebrating the creative community of Sydney, while also promoting and fostering a healthy appreciation for the art of collage across the whole of Australia through sharing, exhibiting and supporting the works of artists at home and abroad.

4) Biggest influences? 

"Authors have also inspired my collage work. The writings of William Cronon and Jennifer Price helps me dissect how we think about ourselves in nature. Charles Eisenstein helps me better understand the roots of our economic, political and environmental crisis. And J.K. Rowling keeps me alert collaging with my window open, eagerly awaiting my owl from Hogwarts."


September 1, 2016

First Here, Then Everywhere is an online hub founded by Chloe Maxmin to highlight youth activism around the world as they catalyze social, political, and economic change. 

1) How has your collage art influenced how you think about your role as an activist?

Collaging reminds me to play to my strengths in all the work I do. I will be most effective and helpful to the climate movement while also doing what makes me come alive the most. In other words, by playing to my strengths and seeing how those actions can help the movement, I am hitting from the sweet spot. For anyone who has ever played tennis, the sweet spot is the most powerful place to be."


May 16, 2016

LOAM is an environmental arts magazine dedicated to promoting the work of pioneering individuals and organizations in the realm of sustainability. 

"Collage has always been a beloved medium of expression at Loam. But it wasn't until I talked to Garrett that I felt like I finally understood why this scrappy mode of art has resonated deeply with the Loam crew. His words gave voice to what I have long felt without being able to express: that collage "enables you to connect ideas in a world where it's so easy to categorize and separate ideas." Collage is one of the truest ways to work with what you have. In a collage, disparate visual narratives interact with one another. Vintage magazines salvaged from the library speak with glossy advertisements from a tabloid. Old and new communicate; past and present collide. "The books [I use in my collages]" Garrett notes, "were going to go into a landfill. Collage is a way to give it new life."