1. feeling of nervousness or anxiety most commonly activated by watching any natural phenomenon threatened by climate change.  
  2. quality fancied in red wine and humor, loathed in baking and kissing.


  1. bite and work (especially opposing thoughts) in the mind with the teeth.
  2. a repeated smashing or gnawing of guilt, especially to make it easier digest.
    see: Being a millennial climate activist in the U.S. at the turn of the 21st century


  1. comparative of normal, expected, or guaranteed.
  2. expletive often used when lubrication is sparse during sexual intercourse.
  3. a greater or additional degree of determination to maintain what is expected or desired.
    see: History of Fossil Fuel Industry, 21st Century


  1. extremely specialized mental or physical activity executed during a majority of waking hours as a means of earning income.
  2. resource to be increased exponentially to ensure illusion of continual growth. 
    - idea under its current form which climaxed in the 21st century in the U.S. and was exported heavily internationally.
    - most repeated word in U.S. popular music in 2016.

    see also archaic form:
  3. periodic activity involving physical effort (often related to the production of food or other necessities) in order to achieve a result, stimulating a sense of purpose or satisfaction.
    synonyms: happiness, fulfillment, meaning


  1. the place from which everything looks small and insignificant.
    “He looked down on his Lego empire from the top of the stairs.”
  2. informal: dominant sexual partner in homosexual intercourse.
    see: total, power, service, versatile


  1. word (commonly shouted and prefaced with “hashtag”) to announce anything won or received without labor or cost, exaggerating a common situation and exposing it’s political and social relevance, especially if the person belongs to an elite or privileged class.
    “I got pulled over and the officer let me off without a ticket! #winning!”

over there

  1. phrase coined by mainstream media executives (for internal distribution only) to describe the pivot disguising petty drama as current issues to maintain and increase viewer ratings.
    see: 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, The Circle Game (urban dictionary)